The Magic of New Wash

The 30 Day Scalp Reset

We're not shampoo. We're not conditioner. We're New Wash: a detergent-free hair cleansing cream. Try us for 30 days and experience your healthiest hair and scalp yet.

That New Wash Feeling

Your Healthiest Scalp Yet

Liberate your hair and scalp! No more detergents, sulfates, parabens, or silicones.


Gentle, non-stripping formula

Balances your scalp

Clean ingredients and no detergents

Extends time between washes

One single step

Cleanses and moisturizes

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New Wash & Brush Kit: Original
Cleansing cream for all hair types
Sale price£57.00
Save £3.00
New Wash Original & Purple BoostNew Wash Original & Purple Boost
New Wash Original & Purple Boost
Sale price£57.00 Regular price£60.00
Save £3.00
New Wash Rich & Purple BoostNew Wash Rich & Purple Boost
New Wash Rich & Purple Boost
Sale price£57.00 Regular price£60.00
New Wash & Brush Kit: For Dry Hair
Ultra-moisturizing cleansing cream for dry hair
Sale price£57.00

Give your hair and scalp what it really needs.


“I have an extremely sensitive scalp and my hair would get greasy the day after my shower and it would no longer smell nice. New Wash has almost already completely changed the state of my scalp.”

Justine M.


“My scalp and hair feel so healthy and my curls are more defined.”

Kathleen M.


"I had a very dry and dandruff-y scalp. With New Wash, I wash two times a week and often feel like I could go longer. My hair has actual body and volume without added product and my scalp is calm and happy."

Inga N.